#OpIsrael | #OpSaveGaza

Crashed by Eagle Eye

We come here to inform you about why your site being hacked!
Firstly we would like to tell you about your website security , for your information your website have some vulnerabilities
Then , If you are my enemy , ahah yes! your website attacked under our operation . You know who are our nemesis? , the terrorist called us terrorist!
We are not terrorist! you know what is terrorist that called by a terrorist?? ... ISLAM , we are annoyed by terrorist! USA! ISRAEL!
They attacked us with variety type of ways! , almost are food! , then Israel attack Palestine , and you still call us TERRORIST??
Think back! Think far! Think outside the box! Think and THINK! , don't blame us! Be nice to us!
We are Muslims! , We are United! , We are One! , We are legion!


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